Carrot Pad Thai

March 6, 2016


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Carrot Pad Thai
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  1. 2 Chicken Breast (cubed)
  2. ¼ C Shallots (diced)
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 6 lg Carrots (Spiralized)
  5. 4 tbsp Sesame Oil
  6. Crushed Peanuts
  7. Epicure Everything Bagel Whole Food Sprinkle
  8. Sauce
  9. 2 tbsp brown sugar
  10. sriracha sauce
  11. Soya Sauce
  12. Hoisin Fish Sauce
  13. Rice Vinegar
  14. 1 lime (squeezed)
  15. ½ tbsp Sesame oil
  1. 1tbsp sesame oil in Wok add cubed chicken breast. Cook fully, set aside in bowl.
  2. 1tbsp sesame oil in Wok add shallots. Sauté until soft, set aside with chicken.
  3. 1tbsp sesame oil in Wok add eggs and scramble. Set aside with chicken and shallots.
  4. Prepare Pad Thai Sauce by mixing all ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.
  5. Use Epicure Spiralizer to prep carrots. Place in Wok with 1tbsp sesame oil. Add chicken, shallot, egg and sauce. Cook for a few minutes. Adding any desired Vegetables (snow peas, bean sprouts Etc.)
  6. Top in bowl with crushed peanuts and Epicure Everything Bagel Whole Food Sprinkle. Enjoy!
Epicure Products Used
  1. Veggie Twist and Spiral Slicer
  2. En Garde Knife
  3. Wok & Glass Lid
  4. Everything Bagel Whole Food Sprinkles

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