Sweet Potato Chips & Aioli

January 11, 2016

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Sweet Potato Chips and Aioli
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  1. 1-2 Large Sweet Potatoes
  2. ½ C Prepared Epicure Chipotle or Roasted Garlic Aioli
  3. Epicure Sea Salt
  1. Peel sweet potato and slice with Epicure Slicer.
  2. *Optional* Make it fun, use cookie cutter to chop into desired shape. (hearts, 4 leaf clover etc.)
  3. Place on Epicure Multi Purpose Tray and sprinkle Sea Salt or favorite Epicure seasoning on top.
  4. Place in microwave approx. 4 minutes. (every microwave varies)
  5. Serve with your favorite Epicure Aioli. Enjoy!
Epicure Products Used
  1. Ceramic Slicer
  2. Multi Purpose Tray
  3. Chipotle or Garlic Aioli
  4. Sea Salt or Favorite Epicure Seasoning

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