March 31, 2016

My name is Denise Thibodeau and I would like to thank you for visiting my brand new Good Food. Great Life site!

This site has been designed as a sort of “hangout” where you will be able to explore and find simple, easy recipes created with love, made from whole food ingredients and incredibly clean spice blends from Epicure. These recipes are specially designed for families that have fast paced, busy life schedules but are foodies and don`t want to sacrifice good food.

Food is my passion! Creating good recipes that are quick and simple to prepare has always been my thing!

My love for cooking started when I was a little girl. I remember being in the kitchen as a little one, pulling up my chair and asking my Mom if I could be her little helper, she always said “Yes”. She would allow me to measure, stir and sometimes even pour! So many sweet memories were made in our kitchen and I am so grateful she handed me the wooden spoon and said “Lets Cook”! She was a fabulous baker, her sweet treats were amazing; cookies, poppy seed cakes and let’s not forget.. the pies (Oh my word)!

Monday’s were pie and bread making days, I will never forget the sweet smell lingering through the house as I walked in from school, it was my favorite day! How many of us can say that about Mondays?.. Sometimes, my mom would make me my very own pie! Yes, a pie that she would bake just for me! It was my favorite… Baked Brown Sugar Pie! OH MY GOODNESS it was absolutely sensational, to say the very least!

It has been years since I last had a slice of that perfect pie. Although,  it`s probably better kept as a memory because if I ate that much sugar now it would wreak havoc on my system lol!

My hope for this site is to help bring families back into the kitchen and around the dinner table again. To make those memories with others. To teach the next generation how to cook and live a healthy life. To inspire you and to help you create simple, whole food meals you and your family will love! I will be sharing awesome tips, tricks and my favorite recipes with you, to help reduce stress, prep, cook and clean up for those busy meal times.

I love the kitchen and I feel it’s the heart of every home. Where memories are made and healthy life styles begin… Join me, let’s get cooking!


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